Saturday, August 17, 2013

Clothespins + Paint = masterpiece!

Whew!  It's been a busy summer - unfortunately, blogging (or school in general) was not at the top of the list of activities.  Sorry. The number one big, wonderful, busy event of my summer was getting married!!!  It was an absolute dream. :)  Now it is just a few days before I officially go back to work and I am realizing that school has been a distant thought.  It's about time I start getting back into the groove!  I know once I step foot back into my classroom, the creative juices will begin to flow.

One day, though, I began thinking about the hallway wall outside my room.  That's right - the lovely cinder block walls that we all know and love.  I wanted a new way to display my kids' work.  I was inspired by my school's art teacher to display students' artwork by stringing ribbon with two 3M hooks, then uses clothespins to hang the work. So simple. So cute.

Here we go...I used black stain on the clothespins then I used white acrylic paint and a pencil.  After lots of dipping and dotting, my paperclips turned out exactly the way I had envisioned them.  Every time I look at them I smile!!  Mission accomplished.

So, although I haven't put much thought into my classroom as of yet, the hallway is taken care of.  I can't wait to put these pins to good use.

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