Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Fall, Y'all! It's Apple Season!

I love fall!  Although it hasn't felt much like fall here in VA (85 degrees?  Really?!), I'm going to trust the calendar and move forward with fall-themed learning activities.  :)

Friday was Apple Day in our room.  As a "kick-off" for the amazing fall activities that will ensue in our classroom over the next two weeks, the students brought in apples {peeled and unpeeled}.  Although hectic, this is one of my favorite days!  We graphed, weighed, measured, etc. with our apples...

 I used The Great Apple Investigation journals {AMAZING!} created by Cara Carroll of The First Grade Parade.  If you know Cara's products, you already know how wonderful they are!

 But, of course, the finale of the day is enjoying the applesauce that had been cooking all day! 
We will continue our learning and investigating of apples next week.  We will cover more science content with seasonal changes, life cycles/needs/characteristics of plants, and connect our apple knowledge to our learning of pumpkins, too! What activities do you do with apples and Fall Fun?

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