Sunday, October 20, 2013

Shape Investigators and a FREEBIE

About a week ago (yes, I'm late posting)' my kids went on a shape hunt!  We read We're Going on a Bear Hunt before venturing out to hunt for shapes to accompany our learning about shapes in our environment.  We reviewed sides, vertices, and angles, as well as hot to dram and label (an activity we do each week with word study). I created a table to collect data about the shapes in the hallway, classroom, and playground.  This table accompanied the.....set from Katie Hill of Mrs. Hill's Heroes.  Click here to access her wonderful packet! Click the picture below to get the Shape Hunt. 
Shape Hunt Table FREEBIE
Here are my detectives at work! 
After collecting shape data, we came into the classroom to share our findings on charts for each location.  
Finally, they compiled the class data on the graphs in .... We had great math talks about more, less, comparisons, and total shapes.  What a great lesson!  

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