Monday, November 25, 2013

Synonym Cinnamon Buns

Awhile back, I remember seeing Synonym Cinnamon Rolls/Buns on pinterest and so I recently went on a pin hunt - I just hate it when I don't pin things and then go searching for them later.  It's nearly impossible to find it again!  After much scrolling and searching, I found what I had been looking for!  Thanks to the Lesson Plan Diva and Cara at The First Grade Parade, my kiddos had (another) "best day ever!"  Ahh, hearing a first grader say that NEVER gets old! 

We have been working on synonyms all week and, WOW, what a difference I have seen in their writing!  I frequently heard my writers talking about the 'boring' words that they used synonyms for in their stories.   To celebrate our increasing vocabularies, we cooked up some delicious synonym cinnamon buns!  They were so proud of the powerful words they have been writing and saying, not to mention they LOVED rocking the chefs' hats!

We also spent time putting said to bed this week.  I thought I would include a picture of an anchor chart that we created one morning after reading My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother by Patricia Polacco.  My students were amazed at how many different ways they could communicate in their oral and written language instead of just using "said."  In fact, this minilesson went beyond any guidelines for a proper minilesson!  We had the best discussion that I just could not find it in my teacher's heart to stop.  After being at the mat for about 30 minutes (and completely engaged!), I apologized to my writers for taking up so much of their writing time.  On of my little friends spoke up and said, "But Mrs. Goldhardt, this was so worth it!"  If that doesn't SCREAM meaningful instruction, then I don't know what does. 

Cyber Monday & Tuesday

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I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving - it is one my favorite holidays!  I'm not one to make a game plan for Black Friday, camp out in the cold, or join the stampede for a sale.  I'd rather point and click my way to a great deal!  If online shopping were a sport, I'd be a franchise player!  (Sorry, in the midst of the Steelers coming back from their horrendous start to their season, I can't help but through in a little football fun!)