Thursday, January 23, 2014

Class Valentines

Today was my second consecutive SNOW DAY!  To some, that might not sound too exciting, but here in VA - that's a big deal! I decided to get a head start on some Valentine's Day things.  I was super excited about these Valentine Favor's that I found at Sam's Club last week. I knew immediately that I would use these as class valentines for my kiddos.  The toughest decision was deciding if I wanted to get the rainbow gumballs or the V-day themed (red, pink, white) gumballs.  Alas, the colorful gumballs won.  The best part...a set of 24 were only $9.99!  I slapped on some labels that I made to avoid having to write on the tiny little cards that came on them.  With my luck, I would have smeared or torn some - and I could not put that in a student's valentine mailbox...that just wouldn't fly in my book!  

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