Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Main Idea Masters

We had been focusing on identifying/supporting the main idea (central message for those of you CCSSers) last week.  Using the table idea as a graphic organizers, my kids are rockin' the concept of main idea!  Today we read Otis by Loren Long. It's a wonderful story about friendship and acceptance - a central message that is the core of our classroom community! My kiddos loved making their tables after discussing the story...some were even surprised that it actually created a "real" table!  It really brings home the idea of how the details support, or hold up, the main idea/central message.
I am working on creating posters for all reading strategies and essential reading comprehension vocabulary, with corresponding activities.  I have a few done, but will bundle them all when they are all ready.  For right now, grab my Main Idea/Central Message FREEBIE!  I have made a few different versions to support whatever vocabulary your curriculum uses (main idea vs. central message...supporting detail vs. key detail). Each version has a poster and table activity.
Click on the image below for the FREE printables.  Enjoy!
 Main Idea

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