Monday, February 17, 2014

Telling Time First Grade Style

Telling time doesn't have to be should be fun!  I was introduced to this FUN way of telling time (and helping the kids read the correct analog clock hands) from a colleague several years ago. It's called "Lady's First!" The minute hand is the 'gentleman' and the hour hand is the 'lady.' It is proper and polite allow the lady to go first, soooo, we read the lady hand (hour) first! When she is in between two numbers, like at half past the hour) she only says the number that she has been to.  When making a human clock in our classroom, I put visuals on a yardstick and a ruler to show the lady and the gentleman. The kids eat it up and they do a great job with it!

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**UPDATED**To keep the "Telling Time Fun" going all year long, I created this second set that does not include the St. Patrick's Day theme!  Everything else is exactly the same!  Although the first set is super adorable, I realized that the holiday theme came with limitations.  Have fun!

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