Sunday, June 29, 2014

BEE-ing Creative ~ Bee Clip Art

My school's mascot is the bumblebee, so of course I couldn't wait to whip up some BEE clip art.  I hope all of my JBBES peeps, and everyone else, love 'em!  
There are 2 sets - "BEE" Unique (traditional black & yellow bees with unique designs) and Polka Dot Bees (rainbow colored bees with dots).  
Click on the images to go to my store...Enjoy!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Crayon Clip Art

Just posted in TPT - Crayon Clips by LG Doodles - perfect for Back to School handouts, presentations, literacy centers, games, etc. :) The image below will take you to my store.  

Sunday, June 22, 2014

ABC Doodles

I'm so excited that I have finished my first official clipart bundle!  This is a little project that I began awhile ago (while school was still in) and never had the time to devote to finishing it...until now! Whew! ABC Doodles includes 52 total alphabet images (26 color AND 26 black and white) - perfect for literacy stations, alphabet charts/strips, flash cards, seat work, TPT products, etc.!

Click the image below to find it in my TPT store...ENJOY!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Facebook Fan FREEBIE

It was way more complicated than I expected, but I've {successfully?} added a Fan Freebie tab on my Facebook page to celebrate 100 followers!  Psssstt...the freebie is a new doodle frame available in 8 colors! 
Click on the image below to be directed to my page...
Please let me know if it doesn't work...fingers crossed!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Munchable Math in Action!

I couldn't wait for math groups today! We did the gummy bear math activity from my Munchable Math that I posted about last night. It was so fun - the kids LOVED it! Check 'em out!
The picture above was taken after my first group of students were finished. I started with more gummy bears than this. :). It's a good thing I didn't sneak any gummy bears before we started, or we wouldn't have had enough!!
I love that we were able to incorporate writing into this activity. I wrote a quick checklist on my easel for their story problems. The checklist included complete sentences, punctuation, and capital letters. 
After doing the activity in groups, students took their gummy bears back to their desks and glued them onto their half-sheet coloring page. I put the coloring page on their desks in the morning for them to do as morning work - quiet morning AND engaged mathematicians...score!
One of my little ones said, "I wish we could do stuff like this everyday!" Well, little does she know...we will be doing the goldfish activity tomorrow! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

LAST WEEK Happenings...Munchable Math Manipulatives!

I can't believe it's the last week of school! While cleaning, purging, and packing up for the summer are at the top of my list, I have also been focusing on how to keep the kids motivated, engaged, and busy this week.  :)  Allow me to introduce you to my Munchable Math pack!  For years, I have been doing these activities during the last week of school.  I had very primitive looking picture mats and activity sheets, but I've been working on sprucing them up and am SO proud of how it all turned out.  As you know, I've been dabbling in doodles and so I used all of my own artwork for this pack!  Here's a quick snapshot of what's included. Take a look...
Each Munchable Math activity includes a math mat in color and B&W and an activity sheet.  The activities include 1st grade review skills such as tallies, fact families, money, story problems, 1 more/1 less, 10 more/10 less.
The goodies needed for these fun activities are Teddy Grahams, Life Saver Gummies, Gummy Bears, and Rainbow Goldfish Crackers. I contacted my wonderful room moms and they provided the treats and already had them sorted by color for me! To make it easier to pass out the treats, I put them into a veggie tray so they can remain sorted.  Bowls or baggies would work just as well, too.
To save on ink, I only printed out 6 colored copies for small group purposes.  I put them into my wipe 'n write envelopes so they can easily be wiped down and still look fab. Each student will then get a B&W math mat (that is a half sheet of paper) that they will color then glue down their munchable manipulatives {don't worry, I always have plenty for them to snack on, too!}.
Click on the image below to be directed to my TPT store for the Munchable Math pack!
In addition to these fun math activities, we have themes for each of the final four days.  We will be having Motion Olympics (culminating activity for our force/motion unit), Theater Day (a fancy way of saying Popcorn & a Movie Day), Beach Day, and Game Day. 
What will you be doing to wrap up your year?