Monday, June 9, 2014

Munchable Math in Action!

I couldn't wait for math groups today! We did the gummy bear math activity from my Munchable Math that I posted about last night. It was so fun - the kids LOVED it! Check 'em out!
The picture above was taken after my first group of students were finished. I started with more gummy bears than this. :). It's a good thing I didn't sneak any gummy bears before we started, or we wouldn't have had enough!!
I love that we were able to incorporate writing into this activity. I wrote a quick checklist on my easel for their story problems. The checklist included complete sentences, punctuation, and capital letters. 
After doing the activity in groups, students took their gummy bears back to their desks and glued them onto their half-sheet coloring page. I put the coloring page on their desks in the morning for them to do as morning work - quiet morning AND engaged mathematicians...score!
One of my little ones said, "I wish we could do stuff like this everyday!" Well, little does she know...we will be doing the goldfish activity tomorrow! 

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