Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Word Work Activities

As the school year was ending, a coworker and I were talking about some changes we wanted to implement for the upcoming year.  A few topics/ideas came up, but she kept coming back to some issues she was having with her reading block.  We do a mash-up of reading workshop, literacy centers, and Daily 5.  It works for us. Mainly, though, she wanted to spruce up her word work activities.  Unlike the Daily 5, where students are working on writing, we do word work with our word study skills.  We have a separate Writing Workshop block in our day, and that is when our kids work in their writer's notebooks, publishing books, etc. (Of course, any time they finish an activity, they are always asking to get out their notebooks to keep writing. Smile.) I took what she was using with her kids for word work and combined them with some of my old favs.  Thus, Word Work Activities Recording Sheets was born.  This pack can support any curriculum you are currently using. Check it out!

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