Saturday, August 30, 2014

Classroom Reveal

Finally! Better late than never, right!? I really love the way it is coming together - there are still some things on my to-do list, but I finally had to convince myself to stop and that all things will eventually get done. Plus, I'm probably the only one who notices those little things. I'm linking up with Alexis at Laugh, Eat, Learn for this classroom reveal! 

So...I showed my husband these pictures and, after telling me that he thought it looked great, he quickly called me out and said, "This is the cleanest your room -- and teacher desk -- will ever be!" So true. But I'm going to try really hard to keep my desk area clean and organized (this happens to be the same goal I set every year...still working on it).
Immediately inside the classroom door. To the left are student cubbies and built-in shelves where I store my read alouds and professional books (covered with polka dot curtains, of course).
The view from right inside the doorway. My mat takes a lot of abuse over the year. We are on it A LOT. I love that each child has a clearly defined spot when we sit as a whole group at the mat. I also do y math groups there rather than at a table. My small group can spread out with whiteboards, manipulatives, etc. and not have to worry about limited desk space. 

My somewhat organized desk. I never sit's just a place to accumulate piles of papers!

"Reading table." I've made this arrangement of desks work for years for reading groups, but a REAL kidney table is arriving next week!! 

One side of my classroom library...

...and the other side! I like having it split so that the kids are spread out while in the library.

This is what I walked into 2 weeks ago. I was so thankful that at least my furniture was not stacked in the center of my room! Notice the kidney table - that has since been taken to another room and I am waiting my new one!

Well, there she is, my room in a nutshell! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and happy Back 2 School!


  1. It looks so cute!! I'm just finishing up, too. We got it done in time!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  2. Thanks, Melissa! How is it that I am always down to the wire with this stuff even though I go in super early to set up? Heading over to your blog for the giveaway and to check out your room, too!!

  3. Your room looks awesome, Leslie! I love the library! I wish I had big shelves like that and I agree, it's great to have the books on both sides. I could really use a set up like that in my classroom but I think I have too many windows!

    I hope that your year is off to a great start! I know that September is super crazy, but maybe we can find a time in October to get together for lunch and/or a little shopping!

  4. Thanks, Rachel! I look at these pictures and already wonder how I can have papers and piles sitting on my desk already (10 days in)...the clutter-free look didn't last long!

    I'd love to get together! Let me know when you are free and let's make it happen. :)