Friday, August 22, 2014

Teacher Work Week = Tired Teacher

Now that I am recovered and rested from my INCREDIBLE trip to Alaska, it's back to reality and time to go back to work...where has the summer gone?! It was only a 3 day work week (although, I went in on Monday to begin setting up my room) and I'm EXHAUSTED! Whew! The staff meetings have already begun and that is why my room still isn't finished...sigh. I'm making progress and hope to have pictures up soon.  In the meantime, I did complete my "welcome to first grade" postcards. I typically make phone calls to each family, but our schedule continues to be slammed with meetings next week and I wasn't sure if I could make those phone calls prior to our Open House. Luckily, my friend Sarah at There's No Place Like Second Grade made these adorable postcards...and they're a fan freebie on her FB page! She is so talented and I adore everything she makes!
I'm excited to put these bad boys in the mail tomorrow so I can finally cross something off of my ever growing To Do list(s)!

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  1. Those postcards are adorable! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't have a completed room to share. I'm hoping it will be ready next week!

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