Monday, September 29, 2014

Reading Rotations Schedule

I mentioned that my students participate in 'reading rotations' during my guided reading instruction in my last post (here).  A few details needed to be revised with my schedule, but I wanted to share what it looks like in my room.  I keep this schedule (which is a Power Point file) on my projection screen the entire duration of my reading block. My students refer to it often, and each day of the week shows the different activities for word work and spelling - I have found this super helpful and it cuts down on any interruptions about what the job is while I'm with other kiddos at the reading table. I have other options for word work and spelling prepped on an extra slide for use later in the year, as well. I'm sure I'll be glad I did that now and not frantically working on it when I decide to introduce a new activity!

Here's what I use...

This works for me and I hope you found this helpful when setting up your independent jobs during reading! 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

What I've been up to...

What have I been up to lately!? Surviving. Just simply trying to survive September! Although I love watching/helping my kids grow (and, oh, how they have) as we set up our classroom routines and expectations, there's no getting around the fact that the first month of school is exhausting! I've been meaning to blog - I really have.  So, several weeks later, here I am!  One part of our day that requires a lot of "training" and practice is my reading block, which is why I chose to share some aspects of it with you.  There's a lot going on simultaneously and there is an expectation of independence during our rotations.

I will be starting reading groups next week - yay! So it is essential that my kids are comfortable with the routines of our reading block. My reading block is about 1 hour and 45 minutes - mini lesson, FIVE reading groups (whoa!), and a closing/sharing time. If I had to describe my reading instruction, I would say it's reading workshop with my own take on Daily 5. I have found that my kids work best when we rotate through jobs as a class, so we have a schedule that includes 1) read to self, 2) word work, 3) listen to reading, 4) spelling word practice, and 5) read with teacher. (I'm tweaking my schedule this weekend, but will post what it looks like when it's complete). "Spelling word practice" includes activities from my pack here that I choose to use for our weekly spelling words. During "word work," students are doing activities with their weekly Words Their Way sort. The rest is pretty self explanatory. 

I've been introducing the routines with the word sorts at the table with me for about the last week and half as we've been establishing out reading rotations routines.  Hopefully they'll be ready to handle it independently next week!  Here's what our "word work" routines have been so far...
Literacy instruction is my passion and I'm so excited that we are getting  into our groove and ready to get rolling with reading groups! What have you been up to?