Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Fun with VA Teacher Bloggers Blog Hop

Happy Fall, Ya'll! (I am not a "native" southerner, so even typing that feels odd to me, haha). With the leaves changing and air getting cooler, what better time to give away some freebies?! I was fortunate enough to meet some wonderful VA bloggers over the summer and am so thankful for the relationships - both professional and personal - that have been made.  We are teaming up this weekend for the Getting Festive for Fall with VA Bloggers Blog Hop.  Yay!
I've been loving the fall weather and fun festivities that are going on locally.  My husband and I went to our favorite pumpkin patch a few weekends ago (because I just couldn't wait!).  Aside from him getting pulled over on the way was a great day! We go to Ashland Berry Farms in Beaverdam, VA.  It's the cutest place ever. Once we got there, we were taken out to the massive pumpkin fields on a hayride and then were left out there to start "pickin."  The way it works at Ashland Berry Farms is the best part - you pay $20 for as many pumpkins as you can joke! There is one rule - you must be able to take 3 steps with the pumpkins in hand.  So, I loaded up the hubs with our colorful and diverse pumpkins.  He couldn't see, but he could walk...that's all that really matters!  
We came home with 9 pumpkins of all different colors and sizes (for 20 bucks!).  If you are somewhat local, you've got to check it out!

Onto some fall first grade "stuff!" I spend much of the beginning of the year working with shapes and patterns, but we are beginning to get into working with numbers - simple addition and subtraction strategies.  We will begin with Part-Part-Whole relationships and introduce strategies for solving equations.  One activity I like to use during my math rotations is my Sums to 10 - Turkey Talk Addition activity.  Here's a peek at what you'll on the image to grab your FREEBIE while the hop is "hoppening!"
It's been in my store for awhile (one of my "firsts", actually), but you can snag it for FREE this weekend! I can stretch this activity for several days by only putting out a few sums with the corresponding addends each day.  My kids can write their equations on the recording sheet for those sums, and by the end of the week...poof!  We've done them all! 

Head on over to Hanging Out in First to see what other amazing goodies my VA gals are sharing. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pattern {FREEBIE}

We just wrapped up our pattern unit in first grade with repeating and growing patterns last week.  My team does an awesome job pulling resources together to teach engaging, relevant, and appropriate activities for our children.  We teach in small, flex groups so that we can target specific skills while differentiating instruction. 

As a review before our summative assessment, I developed this Pattern Scoot activity. It includes both repeating and growing patterns while asking children to either A) name the pattern, B) draw what comes next, C) identify if it is repeating or growing, or D) draw the pattern. I modeled those 4 basic directions before we got started so my kiddos knew what to do - and they did awesome.  This was our first Scoot game of the year and my students loved it (and so did I)!  It was a great way to get in some pattern review, while also letting them move around the classroom.
Grab the Pattern Scoot game by clicking the image below. :)  Enjoy!