Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pattern {FREEBIE}

We just wrapped up our pattern unit in first grade with repeating and growing patterns last week.  My team does an awesome job pulling resources together to teach engaging, relevant, and appropriate activities for our children.  We teach in small, flex groups so that we can target specific skills while differentiating instruction. 

As a review before our summative assessment, I developed this Pattern Scoot activity. It includes both repeating and growing patterns while asking children to either A) name the pattern, B) draw what comes next, C) identify if it is repeating or growing, or D) draw the pattern. I modeled those 4 basic directions before we got started so my kiddos knew what to do - and they did awesome.  This was our first Scoot game of the year and my students loved it (and so did I)!  It was a great way to get in some pattern review, while also letting them move around the classroom.
Grab the Pattern Scoot game by clicking the image below. :)  Enjoy!

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